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FridaExtract : Based RunPE Extraction Tool

FridaExtract is a based RunPE extraction tool. RunPE type injection is a common technique used by malware to hide code within another process. It also...
Apache Struts

Apache Struts Version 3 : Tool To Exploit 3 RCE Vulnerabilities...

Apache Struts Version 3 is a tool to exploit 3 RCE vulnerabilities on ApacheStruts. Script contains the fusion of 3 vulnerabilities of type RCE on...

UploadScanner : HTTP file upload scanner for Burp Proxy

UploadScanner is a Burp Suite Pro extension to do security tests for HTTP file uploads. Testing web applications is a standard task for every...

Tips for paper writing for final assignment

Students are in high school and have just gotten major term paper assignments and are not a little five hundreds of words. Actually...

Raptor WAF : Web Application Firewall Using DFA Beta

Raptor is a Web application firewall made in C, uses DFA to block SQL injection, Cross site scripting and path traversal.

PwnBack – Burp Extender Plugin That Generates A Sitemap Of A...

PwnBack requires PhantomJS to run. To understand why it is required currently see the section PhantomsJS. The plugin has several settings that a user can...
KRF : A Kernelspace Randomized Faulter

KRF : A Kernelspace Randomized Faulter

KRF is a Kernelspace Randomized Faulter. It currently supports the Linux and FreeBSD kernels. Fault injection is a software...

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