Quidam is an innovative tool designed to harness the forgotten password functions of various social platforms to retrieve partial user information.

This open-source intelligence tool, compatible with Python, enables users to access data such as email addresses and phone numbers from sites like Twitter, Instagram, and GitHub.

Ideal for educational and research purposes, Quidam is a must-have for anyone in the field of information security and digital forensics.

Educational Purposes Only

Quidam allows you to retrieve information thanks to the forgotten password function of some sites.


Python 2/3


With PyPI

pip3 install Quidam

With Github

git clone https://github.com/megadose/Quidam.git
cd Quidam/
python3 setup.py install


from quidam import *


python3 Quidam.py -u test -m all

Type Of Information Per Site:

  • Twitter: If the person has not disabled the email option and the last 2 digits of their phone number as well as part of the email the star number¬†*¬†is the right number corresponding to the email.
  • Instagram : Always retrieves a part of the email with the right number of stars and the full domain name
  • Github: Go look at recent commits with the api so give the full email and the name associated with the email address.

Rate Limit:

  • Twitter rate limit if you do it too fast just change IP
  • Instagram no rate limit
  • Github no rate limit

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