RedditC2 is an abusing Reddit API To Host The C2 Traffic, Since Most Of The Blue-Team Members Use Reddit, It Might Be A Great Way To Make The Traffic Look Legit

[Disclaimer]: Use of this project is for Educational/ Testing purposes only. Using it on unauthorised machines is strictly forbidden. If somebody is found to use it for illegal/ malicious intent, author of the repo will not be held responsible.


Install PRAW library in python3:

pip3 install praw


See the Quickstart guide on how to get going right away!




  1. Go to the specific Reddit Post & post a new comment with the command (“in: “)
  2. Read for new comment which includes the word “out:”
  3. If no such comment is found, go back to step 2
  4. Parse the comment, decrypt it and read it’s output
  5. Edit the existing comment to “executed”, to avoid reexecuting it


  1. Go to the specific Reddit Post & read the latest comment which includes “in:”
  2. If no new comment is detected, go back to step 1
  3. Parse the command out of the comment, decrypt it and execute it locally
  4. Encrypt the command’s output and reply it to the respective comment (“out:” )

Below is a demonstration of the XOR-encrypted C2 traffic for understanding purposes:

Scanning results

Since it is a custom C2 Implant, it doesn’t get detected by any AV as the bevahiour is completely legit.


  • Teamserver and agent compatible in Windows/Linux
  • Make the traffic encrypted
  • Add upload/download feature
  • Add persistence feature
  • Generate the agents dynamically (from the TeamServer)
  • Tab autocompletion


Special thanks to @T4TCH3R for working with me and contributing to this project.

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