RepoPeek : A Python Script To Get Details About A Repository Without Cloning

RepoPeek is a Python script to get details about a repository without cloning it. All the information are retrieved using the GitHub API.

Note: API requests made by this module aren’t using basic authentication or OAuth. Therefore the rate limit allows for up to 60 requests per hour. Unauthenticated requests are associated with the originating IP address.

Information Provided

  1. Basic information about the repository.
    • Repository Name
    • Default Branch
    • Repository Size
    • Repository License
    • Repository Description
    • Repository Type
  2. Languages used in the repository.
  3. Repository Statistics.
    • Forks
    • Watchers
    • Open Issues
    • Total Stars
  4. URL’s of the repository.
    • GIT URL
    • SSH URL
    • SVN URL
    • Clone URL
  5. Commit details of the repository
    • Last Commit Date
    • Last Commit Message

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To install this script so that it is accessible via Python from anywhere, copy the script into a directory of your choice, and then add that directory to your PYTHONPATH


python -m repopeek