Tookie-osint has a simple-to-use UI and is really straightforward. The main idea of Tookie-osint is to discover usernames that are requested from an input.

Tookie-osint is similar to the tool called Sherlock. It discovers all the user accounts across different websites and Tookie-osint is successful at this task almost 80% of the time.

Our tool was created by me and the community and is available for your use.

I do not take responsibility for any malicious actions and/or responsibility caused by my tool. ( Please note that Tookie-osint was created to help new programmers or pentesters get into the world of OSINT.

My end term goal is to make Tookie-osint as perfect as I can and make it easy for new programmers to understand.

Also take note that Tookie-osint is optimized for Python 3.12. If you want to contribute, make a fork and make a pull request to submit your changes.


The requirements will be automatically installed.

git clone
cd tookie-osint && sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 tookie-osint

 Manual Install

download the latest release from:
then extract the zip or tar.gz

cd tookie-osint && sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 tookie-osint

Termux Install

ln -s storage/downloads Downloads

git clone
cd tookie-osint && pip3 install -r requirements.txt

python3 tookie-osint

Tested OS

Operative systemVersion
MacOSMonterey 12.6.7
Kali linuxRolling / Sana
Parrot OS3.1
Arch Linux2021.07.01
VoidRolling Release


There Is A Lot Lol

  • colorama
  • requests
  • richconsole
  • alive_progress
  • torrequest
  • tqdm
  • bs4
  • selenium
  • cryptography

Supported Languages

(we need translators )

  •  English
  •  Italian
  •  Hebrew
  •  Spanish
  •  French
  •  Arabic
  •  German
  •  Hindi
  •  Russian
  •  Portuguese

Upcoming Features

(They Are Great First Issues :D)

  •  Tor Searching (in beta)
  •  Pip Package (in beta)
  •  WebUi (in beta)
  •  Webscraper
  •  Phone Number OSINT
  •  Custom Plugins
  •  Detailed Reports
  •  CSV
  •  Url Brute Forcing
  •  GUI
  •  More Acurate Results (in beta)
  •  Auto Open Descovered URLs

For more information click here.