In a decisive move to fortify software security, ElektroKill announced the release of dnSpyEx v6.4.1 on September 8, 2023.

This critical update addresses a recently uncovered vulnerability that allowed for arbitrary code execution, posing a significant risk to users.

With over 138 commits to master since its last update, v6.4.1 emerges as an essential patch, urging all users to update promptly for enhanced protection and security.


This release of dnSpyEx addresses a recently discovered critical security concern involving arbitrary code execution.

All users are recommended to update to this new version to remain safe and secure while using dnSpyEx. No functional or behavioral changes are included in this release.

Thanks to @Elliesaur and @Washi1337 for informing me about this critical security concern.

Note For Users Of CI Builds From The master Branch:

Builds compiled after commit 63722fd are safe. If you are unsure how to check when your build was compiled, it is recommended to update to the latest CI build.