In the digital age, forensic analysis of messaging applications like WhatsApp is crucial for both security and investigative purposes.

‘Whapa’ offers a sophisticated suite of tools designed to parse and analyze WhatsApp data on Android and iOS devices.

Developed with Python and supported on multiple operating systems, Whapa enhances forensic capabilities with its robust features and compatibility.

Whatsapp Parser Toolset

Updated: May 2022

WhatsApp Messenger Version

Whapa is a set of graphical forensic tools to analyze whatsapp from Android and soon iOS devices. All the tools have been written in Python 3.8 and have been tested on linux, windows and macOS systems.

Note: Whapa provides 10x more performance and fewer bugs on linux systems than on windows.

Whapa is included as standard in distributions such as Tsurugi Linux (Digital Forensics) and BlackArch Linux (Penetration Testing).

Whapa toolset is divided in five tools:


  • Whapa (Whatsapp Parser)(Only working with old database, Working in Progress…)
  • Whacipher (Whatsapp Encryption/Decryption) *** Not support Crypt15 ***
  • Whagodri (Whataspp Google Drive Extractor)
  • Whamerge (Whatsapp Merger) (Only working with old database, Working in Progress…)
  • Whachat (Whatsapp Chat Exporter)


  • Whacloud (Whatsapp ICloud Extractor) (Not working)
  • Whachat (Whatsapp Chat Exporter)

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You can download the latest version of whapa by cloning the GitHub repository:

git clone && cd whapa

then (Linux or macOS):

pip3 install --upgrade -r ./doc/requirements.txt

or (Windows):

pip install --upgrade -r .\doc\requirements.txt


if you use Linux system:


if you use Windows system:

click on whapa-gui.bat

For more information click here.

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