WPScan effectively scans your WordPress website and checks the vulnerabilities within the core version, plugins, themes, etc helping to spot the security issues.

Firstly, install WPScan!
Installation can be done through github
git clone https://github.com/wpscanteam/wpscanN
Go to the directory where you have downloaded wpscan and 
install the bundle files.
bundle install && rake install

Now, we are ready to use WPScan!
wpscan –url http://target.tld –enumerate u
Use the command according to your necessity.
As in,

u= User information
p =Plugins

This basic command will scan your website and identifies the active themes and other exposed vulnerable information

Exposed webserver type of the website

The Administrative Login page of the WordPress Site

The exposed WordPress version

Vulnerable Plugins in the website will be fetched, depicting its various categories right from the most vulnerable ones [with a red exclamation mark] upto the plugins which aren’t updated. Meaning, each and every vulnerable information will be represented.

Vulnerable themes

You can see the list of vulnerabilities identified specifically with respect to your website:

You can scan your website thoroughly to check vulnerabilities and isolate them!

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