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Redirect all IPv6 traffic through your attacker machine with parasite6 Parasite6 is the arpspoof in IPv6 networks and also a part...


Create a rouge ipv6 router in one simple step with fake_router6 fake_router6 is a tool inside THC-IPv6 tools bundled inside Kali...

Tcpflow – To Monitor, Capture & Dump Packets

Tcpflow is a TCP/IP Demultiplexer. Tcpflow is used to record traffic mainly between 2 hosts although it can be used...

Must Need

Graffiti : A Tool To Generate Obfuscated One Liners To Aid In Penetration Testing

Graffiti : A Tool To Generate Obfuscated One Liners To Aid...

Graffiti is a tool to generate obfuscated oneliners to aid in penetration testing situations. Graffiti accepts the following languages for encoding:

Blackbone – Memory Hacking Library For Windows

Blackbone is a tool used to hack windows memory library. Blackbone is licensed under the MIT License.  Features Of Blackbone Process interaction Manage PEB32/PEB64 Manage process...
Finshir : A Coroutines-Driven Low & Slow Traffic Sender

Finshir : A Coroutines-Driven Low & Slow Traffic Sender

Finshir is a high-performant, coroutines-driven, and fully customisable implementation of Low & Slow load generator designed for real-world pentesting.

LeakLooker : Find open databases with Shodan

LeakLooker can be used to find open MongoDB, CouchDB and Elasticsearch database, it also includes Kibana instances. Script parses results from Shodan,...

Gcat – Sneaking Backdoor Use Gmail As A Command &...

Gcat is a stealthy Python based backdoor that uses Gmail as a command and control server. This project was inspired by the original PoC...
Kippo – SSH Honeypot

Kippo – SSH Honeypot

Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and, most importantly, the entire shell interaction performed by...

Platypus : A modern Multiple Reverse Shell Sessions Manager Written...

Platypus is a modern multiple reverse shell sessions/clients manager via terminal written in go. It include the following Multiple...

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