Email Vulnerablity Checker v1.1.1 verifies whether the domain is vulnerable to spoofing by Email-vulnerablity-checker


  • This tool will automatically tells you if the domain is email spoofable or not
  • you can do single and multiple domain input as well (for multiple domain checker you need to have text file with domains in it)


Clone the package by running:

git clone

Step 1. Install Requirements

# Update the package list and install dig for Debian-based Linux distribution 
sudo apt update
sudo apt install dnsutils

# Install dig for CentOS
sudo yum install bind-utils

# Install dig for macOS
brew install dig

Step 2. Finish The Installation

To use the Email-Vulnerablity-Checker type the following commands in Terminal:

apt install git -y 
apt install dig -y 
git clone
cd Email-Vulnerablity-Checker
chmod 777

Run email vulnerablity checker by just typing:

./ -h


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This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.