Injectus : CRLF & Open Redirect Fuzzer

Injectus is a simple python tool that goes through a list of URLs trying CRLF and open redirect payloads.


If we have the following URL:

For CRLF attacks, Injectus will inject every payload once into the value of one parameter, for every n parameters. For example, Injectus will create the following list with the URL above:

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As you can see, every CRLF payload is injected in the first parameter’s value. Once the loop is done, Injectus will inject every payload into the second parameter, and so on. Once all parameters have been injected, the list is complete.

If there are no query parameters, Injectus will simply append each payload to the URL, like so:

When injecting open redirect payloads, Injectus will only inject a payload if there exists a query/path parameter containing a typical redirect keyword, e.g. url. Injecting into the following URL$$2fbountystrike.ioparam3=value3\x08ountystrike.ioparam3=value3

The URL contains the query parameter url, so Injectus will inject the payloads into that parameter.

An example when using path parameters. Original URL is$$\

As before, if no query parameters or path parameters are found, Injectus will simply append each payload to the URL:$$\


pip3.7 install -r requirements.txt –user