This is a Beacon Object File (BOF) that executes unmanaged PEs inline and retrieves their output without allocating a console (i.e. spawning conhost.exe).


  • Supports 64 and 32 bits
  • Supports EXEs and DLLs
  • Does not create new processes


Summary: Run an unmanaged EXE/DLL inside Beacon's memory.

Usage: noconsolation [--local] [--timeout 60] [-k] [--method funcname] [-w] [--no-output] [--alloc-console] [--close-handles] [--free-libraries] /path/to/binary.exe arg1 arg2
    --local, -l                           Optional. The binary should be loaded from the target Windows machine
    --timeout NUM_SECONDS, -t NUM_SECONDS Optional. The number of seconds you wish to wait for the PE to complete running. Default 60 seconds. Set to 0 to disable
    -k                                    Optional. Overwrite the PE headers
    --method EXPORT_NAME, -m EXPORT_NAME  Optional. Method or function name to execute in case of DLL. If not provided, DllMain will be executed
    -w                                    Optional. Command line is passed to unmanaged DLL function in UNICODE format. (default is ANSI)
    --no-output, -no                      Optional. Do not try to obtain the output
    --alloc-console, -ac                  Optional. Allocate a console. This will spawn a new process
    --close-handles, -ch                  Optional. Close Pipe handles once finished. If PowerShell was already ran, this will break the output for PowerShell in the future
    --free-libraries, -fl                 Optional. Free all loaded DLLs
    /path/to/binary.exe                   Required. Full path to the windows EXE/DLL you wish you run inside Beacon
    ARG1 ARG2                             Optional. Parameters for the PE. Must be provided after the path

    Example: noconsolation --local C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe $ExecutionContext.SessionState.LanguageMode
    Example: noconsolation /tmp/mimikatz.exe privilege::debug token::elevate exit
    Example: noconsolation --local C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c ipconfig

Published by Tamil S

Tamil has a great interest in the fields of Cyber Security, OSINT, and CTF projects. Currently, he is deeply involved in researching and publishing various security tools with Kali Linux Tutorials, which is quite fascinating.

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