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Shodanwave – Tool For Exploring & Obtaining Information From Cameras

Shodanwave is a tool for exploring and obtaining information from cameras specifically Netwave IP Camera. The tool uses a search engine called shodan that...

Electronegativity : A Tool to Identify Misconfigurations & Security Anti-Patterns in...

Electronegativity is a tool to identify misconfigurations and security anti-patterns in Electron-based applications. Software developers and security auditors can...

Tool-X : Kali Linux Hacking Tool Installer

Tool-X is a Kali linux hacking Tool installer, with the help of it you can install best hacking tools in Rooted or Non Rooted...

WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction

WMD is a python tool with an accumulation of IT security software. The product is incapsulated in "modules". The modules consists of unadulterated python...

Introspy-iOS : Security Tool For Profiling iOS Application at Runtime

Introspy-iOS is a blackbox tool to help understand what an iOS application is doing at runtime and assist in the identification of potential security...
ScanQLi – To Detect SQL Vulns

ScanQLi – To Detect SQL Vulns

ScanQLi is a simple SQL injection scanner with somes additional features. This tool can't exploit the SQLi, it just detect them. Tested...
Evil WinRM : The Ultimate WinRM Shell For Hacking/Pentesting

Evil WinRM : The Ultimate WinRM Shell For Hacking/Pentesting

Evil WinRM is the ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting. WinRM (Windows Remote Management) is the Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol.

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