Got-Responded is a simple tool to detect NBT-NS and LLMNR spoofing and messing with them a bit. Pentesters, Redteamers and even real attackers love to use tools like Responder to spoof LLMNR and/or NBT-NS responses.

There are some awesome other tools to help with detection, such as respounder. But I wanted to figure it out for myself, and at the same time add a way to push “honey” tokens (fake AD credentials) to people using these spoofing tools.

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How to install

git clone
cd got-responded
python3 -m venv responded-env
source responded-env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use it

Simple mode

This will start it in default mode, will check for both LLMNR and NBT-NS spoofing, but will not send fake SMB creds