TASER (Testing And SEecurity Resource) is a Python resource library used to simplify the process of creating offensive security tooling, especially those relating to web or external assessments. It’s modular design makes it easy for code to be customized and re-purposed in a variety of scenarios.

Key Features

  • Easily invoke web spiders or search engine scrapers to aid in data collection.
  • Supports rotating User-Agents and/or proxies, and custom headers per request to evade captchas.
  • Implement concurrent web requests with threading or asyncio.
  • Uses Python logging to create custom console, file, and database loggers for various output formats.
  • Automatically detect Windows OS to control ANSI colored output, when using the Taser custom adapter.


Latest code commits:

git clone https://github.com/m8r0wn/taser
cd taser
python3 setup.py install

Last release:

pip3 install taser

Getting Started

Find the latest documentation on the project Wiki, or checkout the examples folder for sample tools and usage.