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Being Instagram famous takes more than just posting a few images on Instagram and taking the credit – you have to do more.

It involves getting more attention to your account, posting better content and engaging more with your followers. It involves a lot of work; reason enough to outsource the various tasks to experts that will give you time to handle other activities that are privy to your life.

Even celebrities have to do more than just post pictures on their accounts � they have to engage their followers and follow them back as well.

One of the ways to manage all the repetitive tasks on Instagram is to outsource them to experts that have the know-how. One such service is Social10x. Let us see what this company can do for you.

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

One of the mainstays of Instagram is followers. The more followers you have the more visible you become. When you command a large following, other users regard you as an authority in your niche and will opt to follow you and read your content.

Additionally, the more the followers the more popular you become. Social10x promises to give you this � more numbers. They make sure you have not just any followers but real ones that will add value to your engagement.

Buy More Likes

Do you want your posts to go viral? Then make sure you have many likes. Buying likes gives your posts the exposure you need for them to go viral. Take time to understand what your audience wants and put up the right posts, then leave it to Social10x to bring in the likes you want.

Enjoy the Auto comment Function

With comments coming in randomly, you need to be always online so that you can read them and reply to them. This can be tough. When you sign up for a package on Social10x, then you make use of the auto comment feature, which makes your life real easy.

Different Packages to Pick From

Whether you need to buy Instagram followers, likes or the auto comment feature, you have the luxury of choosing a package for your needs. The packages come in different prices with different features.


* 500 followers @ $6
* 1000 followers @ $9
* 2500 followers @ $19
All these come with 24/7 customer support and get delivered to your account in 1-2 days.

Automatic Likes

* 100 likes at $14 per week
* 250 likes at $23 per week
* 500 likes at $34 per week
All these come with 24/7 support and the ability to cancel the subscription anytime.


* 10 comments at $31
* 15 comments at $41
* 20 comments at $49
* 25 comments at $59

All the comments are delivered within 2 days of paying for the order.
As you can see, the price plan gives you the ability to choose a package depending on what you need and how you need it. Displaying the price on the site shows that the company is transparent and won’t include any hidden fees in the cost of the package.

The best thing is that no one will know that you have bought followers for your account. The only way they will know is if you decide to tell them that you used the service. The followers you get are real � with full Instagram profiles and all that.

Wide Network to Tap Into

The company boasts of over 5000+ web partners that they use to promote your content on the different platform. We are looking at a service that uses humans to promote your content as opposed to use of bots that might compromise your account.

The company doesn’t just use any network, but makes sure it shares the content on a relevant network that will boost your exposure. After a research into your account, the managers determine the best ways to boost your visibility and gets relevant followers to engage with you.

High-Quality Followers

If you have been keen, you will notice that many brands lose followers over a certain period of time. This is because they invest in fake followers that don’t have the capacity to stay on the account long after you cancel the contract.
Social10x delivers high-quality followers that follow you long after your contract expires. These followers make your account popular over a long period of time.

The Process is Safe

If you use a service that triggers the security on your Instagram account, you risk getting banned from the service. Social10x is a popular service that knows what kind of followers to add to your account and how fast they need to get delivered depending on the status of the account.

Remember that if you engage too much on the account in such a small timeframe you raise suspicion with the Instagram bot. this is why your engagement needs to look natural at all times. The company understands this, and makes use of experts who make sure that you don’t have to worry about getting banned. None of your actions will get blocked.

Need to Cancel Your Subscription? It’s Easy!

At times, you might feel that the service isn’t working for you, or you don’t need it anymore. In such an instance, you can go ahead and cancel the subscription anytime to avoid further costs. What you need to do in such a case is to make a dispute using a form and then request for a refund. The case is then reviewed and settled in a maximum of 2 days.


It takes more than a few images a day to get the most out of Instagram. Instead, you need to make sure you go the extra mile and use a service that offers followers, likes and comments. When you use such a service, you are assured of the best results from your efforts. The best thing is that it is also safe to use and affordable. Make sure you choose a package that suits your needs.

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