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FreeVulnSearch : Script to Query Vulnerabilities via the cve-search.org API

This NMAP NSE script is part of the Free OCSAF project FreeVulnSearch. In conjunction with the...
Android Application

The Android Application Developer Guide: Converting an iOS App to Android

While an extensive variety of organizations may choose to send their mobile application only on the iOS platform first, many will do the change...
Kippo – SSH Honeypot

Kippo – SSH Honeypot

Kippo is a medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and, most importantly, the entire shell interaction performed by...
ScanQLi – To Detect SQL Vulns

ScanQLi – To Detect SQL Vulns

ScanQLi is a simple SQL injection scanner with somes additional features. This tool can't exploit the SQLi, it just detect them. Tested...

LAPSToolkit : Tool to Audit & Attack LAPS Environments

LAPSToolkit functions written in PowerShell that leverage PowerView to audit and attack Active Directory environments that have deployed Microsoft's Local Administrator Password...

Tips for Recovering the data easily

Recovering data has been mysterious job for a long time once users lost data and then have to ask some experts to do...
Rock-ON : All In One Recon Tool That Will Just Get A Single Entry Of The Domain Name & Do All Of The Work Alone

Rock-ON : All In One Recon Tool That Will Just Get...

Rock-On is a all in one recon tool that will help your Recon process give a boost. It is mainly aimed...

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